Sustainable Building Materials Workshop

Join Farms at Work and Green Economy Peterborough for an in-person event on Sustainable Building Materials on Thursday, March 28 at 6pm at Camp Kawartha Environment Centre (2505 Pioneer Rd, Peterborough). We’ll be exploring the benefits, characteristics, and agricultural applications of straw bale, rammed earth, hempcrete, and much more. Register here!

We’ll have a presentation by Sylvia Cook of Aerecura on building with rammed earth, a material renowned for its durability, thermal mass and beauty; a talk and tour with Jacob Rodenburg on the many green and innovative building materials and projects at the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre; and a discussion with Sharyn Inward of Inward Design & Consulting on designing with sustainable materials.

 When it was built in 2009, Camp Kawartha Environment Centre was considered one of the most sustainable buildings in Canada. Fifteen years later, it is still a shining example of the potential, longevity and appeal of building with natural materials. If you’ve never had a tour or it’s been while, you are sure to find the space and our speakers interesting and visionary.

Light refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there!