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Introducing Farmland Stewardship Reports

What are Farms at Work Farmland Stewardship Reports?

Non-farming landowners in east central Ontario now have access to an essential resource to better understand and manage their agricultural properties. Farms At Work is pleased to introduce Farmland Stewardship Reports, a new tool designed to empower landowners to enhance and preserve their farmland. Our custom Reports help non-farmers to understand the characteristics and vulnerabilities of their property and take a more proactive role in stewarding the land they call home.   

What do Farmland Stewardship Reports Include?  

Farmland Stewardship Reports are not just a source of information; they offer a practical roadmap for landowners to transform their properties into healthy agro-ecosystems. Each custom Report contains detailed analysis of your property, insights into historic trends and future vulnerabilities, and recommendations for action from industry experts.  

Key components of each Farmland Stewardship Report include:

Agricultural Trends: Explore how agriculture in your region has evolved and discover emerging trends. 
Detailed Property Maps: Custom-made maps of your property and its physical features.
Soil Type Analysis: Understand the potential of your specific soil types and receive guidance on mitigating issues related to erosion, drainage, and organic carbon loss.
Wildlife and Habitat Enhancement: Discover how to create and enhance habitat for local wildlife, pollinators, and native species.
Climatic Insights: Maximize crop production options with a better understanding of local climatic conditions and the projected impacts of climate change on your land.
Land Management Advice: Learn about the latest techniques to maintain and improve the health of your property and how to collaborate with farmers and research trials in your area.
Funding and Support Sources: Access information on funding opportunities and support programs available to help you implement positive changes.

Why Should I Keep My Land in Production?

Protecting farmland is more important now than ever. Every day, 319 acres of Ontario's farmland is removed from production in favour of other land uses. This loss of farmland not only translates to less locally grown food, fuel and fiber, but also fewer job opportunities within the agricultural sector. The agri-food industry is the largest economic driver in our province, employing over 860 000 individuals. Protecting a strong agricultural land base helps build economic health across our region. But farmland offers far more than just a source of food and livelihoods; it provides essential habitat for diverse wildlife, birds, and insects. Healthy farmland performs invaluable ecosystem services, like water filtration and carbon sequestration, and is more resilient to an unpredictable changing climate.  

A strong food system, a vibrant economy, and healthy environment all depend on the protection and sound management of agricultural land. Non-farming landowners play a pivotal role in protecting farmland and are instrumental in ensuring their arable land remains active. Farms at Work is here to support you with the tools, ideas, and insights you need to steward and keep your farmland in production, sustainably.

What are the Next Steps?

Our team can assist you in developing a stewardship plan that meets your needs and connect you with support and funding sources to implement positive change. Farms at Work can even match you with a farmer to help care for your land. Get started on your stewardship journey today and re-imagine your property's potential.  

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