News/Events - January 2022

Webinar: Regenerative Agriculture and Climate Change

Monday,  January 10, 2022 - 7:00pm

What is Regenerative Agriculture? What does it have to do with Climate Change? Can local farms adopt Regenerative approaches on their farms? Pat Learmonth, from Farms at Work, will address these questions at a 4RG Virtual Meet on Monday January 10 at 7PM. There will be time for discussion and questions. Organized by For Our Grandchildren

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New video on Fibre Farming

Farms at Work has just published a new short film spotlighting local farmers that produce fibre from sheep and alpacas. The film also looks at how the fibre is processed and sold locally to the community. Check out  "From the Farm to You: The Story of Fibre in our Community"  here:  It will be shown in 10 classrooms over the next couple of months. Students will have the opporutntiyto interact over Zoom with a farmer form the film so they can ask questions. 

The film can also be viewed from the Local Food Peterborough website, where there are approximately 30 films covering the activities of farms in the region!

Thanks to the Pathways to Stewardship and Kinship project for funding that made this film possible.