Nature's Finest Fund

The Big Carrot - Nature's Finest Fund

For thirty years The Big Carrot has been searching for Nature’s Finest to provide our shoppers with delicious, nourishing and sustainable food. In celebration of this commitment The Big Carrot created the Nature’s Finest Fund. This annual grant program expands the availability of locally produced food and supports and strengthens the working relationships between local family farms and The Big Carrot.

As founding members of Carrot Cache (a small foundation that funds local organic food initiatives), we have seen the transformative power of investing in our regional food economy. Inspired by this success, we want to provide a similar opportunity for our own producers.

Five grants were awarded to Ontario farmers in the inaugural year of the Nature's Finest Fund increasing our supply of local beans, pastured chicken, organic vegetables and greens. The grants lent support to some long-standing producers as well as bringing new farmers into our community.

This year The Big Carrot is committing $15,000 for new grants to eligible Ontario Producers. For more information, visit the Nature's Finest Fund website