Attn: Pumpkin & Squash Growers!

Squash Bee Hunt @ Buckhorn Berry Farm

Monday August 11, 2014  |  8:00am Start Time

3055 Berrie Road, R.R. #1, Lakefield, Ontario
(meet in parking lot near on-farm store)

$10/person (max. 10 people)

Farms at Work invites you to join pollination biologist, Susan Chan on a pollinator field walk at Buckhorn Berry Farm to observe the nesting and foraging habits of the squash bee (Peponapis pruinosa), a native pollinator of pumpkins and squashes. Join Susan as she examines active squash bee ground nests and learn first-hand how to identify squash bees and their nests. Provided the conditions are favourable, there should also be ample opportunity to witness (and even handle!) these friendly pollinators hard at work!

For pumpkin and squash growers, this tour will be especially useful as these bees are specialist pollinators of Cucurbita crops. This means they are the most efficient and important agents of pollination for Cucurbita crops this side of the pumpkin patch!

Whether you've got five plants or five acres, if you're growing pumpkins or squash, you'll benefit greatly from hearing Susan speak about the pollination systems of pumpkin and squash plants. You'll also learn some effective strategies for fostering and encouraging more squash bees on your own property. 

Please RSVP by Friday August 8th:  (705) 743-7671  |