News/Events - July 2014

Find Local Food

Find Local Food

Recently, we here at Farms at Work have been working to find ways of shortening the local food value chain in our region. We want to make it easier for food service providers to access and showcase the plethora of agricultural products available year round from farms throughout east central Ontario. We also want to help farmers find an easier way into local wholesale markets.

Back in March of this year, we launched Find Local Food, a simple and innovative way for food purchasers (think restaurants, caterers, hotels, resorts, schools, etc.) to connect directly with the hundreds of amazing farmers who grow food around the region, just like you!

The beauty of this new system is in its simplicity: purchasers quickly and easily create “Requests for Local Food” which get posted to our website, and are then sent directly to our farmer-subscribers. The goal of the platform is to simplify communication between the purchaser and producer. Once a request is posted, any farmer on our list who is interested in bidding on a contract can join the conversation. And the best part about it: the service is completely free to use!

If you’re interested in expanding into local wholesale markets, and having your food featured in places like restaurants, schools and resorts around the region, then sign up to receive Find Local Food notifications today!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Program Coordinator:  |  (705) 743-7671.