Interested in Farmer-led Research? Check this out!


Farmer-led research is research conceived and conducted by farmers on their farms. It is a flexible, powerful and practical tool that can be integral to improving operations on your farm. Farmer-led research allows you to evaluate potential solutions to a problem; improve practices or varieties; find more profitable innovations; adapt to a changing climate and farming conditions; and share your outcomes with confidence. 
Farms at Work is interested in helping to make connections for you that will provide financial, logistical and scientific support if you have research questions you want to explore. This survey is a preliminary opportunity to voice your interest in and barriers to on-farm research in east-central Ontario.  Your responses will be kept confidential, and we will contact you only if we become aware of an opportunity that might interest you.

To complete the 5-10 minute survey click here. Please submit your completed survey by Wednesday Nov. 23.  One week from today.